Amazing Spider-Man # 151, Marvel 12/1975, Shocker appearance, 5.5, FINE-


Marvel Comics 12/1975

Shocker appearance.

Len Wein story, Ross Andru & John Romita art, John Romita cover

condition :   5.5   fine-

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Grading is very subjective. For example, some despise a “stamp”, others do not mind that much.

So the given grade is my personal opinion, based on my experience as a collector, and I orientate myself towards the strict grading guidelines from CGC.

But please do ask for further pics and make your own judgement. I have prepared pics from cover, back cover, inside cover, inside back cover and center page, and sometimes details from certain defects too. I am glad to send them to you.

In general, if it is not stated otherwise, all books are complete and have no missing pages or cut-outs or other major defects.




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