Billy Joel “Album Collection” 16x Japan Mini LP CD BOX Set, complete, very rare


official Japanese Mini LP CDs in official Japanese “Piano” style big drawer box, includes :

1. Cold Spring Harbor (1971)  MHCP-459
2. Piano Man (1973)   MHCP-460 , OBI is missing !
3. Streetlife Serenade (1974)   MHCP-461
4. Turnstiles (1976)   MHCP-462
5. The Stranger (1977)   MHCP-463
6. 52nd Street (1978)   MHCP-464
7. Glass Houses (1980)   MHCP-465
8. Songs In The Attic (live, 1981)   MHCP-466
9. The Nylon Curtain (1982)  MHCP-544
10. An Innocent Man (1983)  MHCP-545
11. Greatest Hits Volume I & II (1985)  MHCP-546/7 , double CD with lots of Bonus tracks
12. The Bridge (1986)    MHCP-548
13. Концерт  (live, 1987)  MHCP-549
14. Storm Front (1989)   MHCP-550
15. River Of Dreams (1993)  MHCP-551
16. Greatest Hits Volume III (1997)  MHCP-552


Played  1 – 2  times, CDs still in as new condition. Please note, all is complete, but the Obi of “Piano Man” is missing !

Box shows shelf wear and has a small tape on one corner, to hold edge of the paper sheet (you could use some glue), see last 2 pictures.

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These are official Japanese releases, NOT releases from Eye of the Storm, but I had no other category to show them, so I put them here under : JAPAN Mini LP CD Box Set

This is a far better release than The Complete Albums Collection from Columbia (2011), as all 3 Greatest Hits albums are included (with bonus tracks) and the Live in Russia album too.



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