ERIC CLAPTON “Slowhand” Japan Mini LP 9 + 1 (11) CD BOX Set, w/o Obis


official Japanese Mini LP CDs in storage box, includes :

UICY-9157 Eric Clapton (1970)

UICY-9158 461 Ocean Boulevard (1974)

UICY-9159 There’s one in every crowd (1975)

UICY-9160 E.C. Was here (live) (1975)

UICY-9161 No Reason to Cry (1976)

UICY-9162 Slowhand (1977)

UICY-9163 Backless (1978)

UICY-9164/5 Just One Night (live) (1980)

UICY-9166 Another Ticket (1981)

+ as Bonus : UICY-9169 Bluesbreakers, John Mayall with Eric Clapton (1966)

all OBIs are missing !

Played once or twice, as new condition.

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These are official Japanese releases, NOT releases from Eye of the Storm, but I had no other category to show them, so I put them here under : JAPAN Mini LP CD Box Set


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