THE DOOBIE BROTHERS Japan Mini LP 9 CD BOX Set + “Stampede” Box, as new


official Japanese Mini LP CDs in storage box, includes :

01)  The Doobie Brothers, The Doobie Brothers    WPCR-12349

02)  The Doobie Brothers, Toulouse Street            WPCR-12350

03)  The Doobie Brothers, The Captain and Me     WPCR-12351

04)  The Doobie Brothers, What were once vices  WPCR-12352

05)  The Doobie Brothers, Stampede                     WPCR-12353

06)  The Doobie Brothers, Takin’ it to the Streets   WPCR-12354

07)  The Doobie Brothers, Livin’ on the Fault Line  WPCR-12355

08)  The Doobie Brothers, Minute by Minute          WPCR-12356

09)  The Doobie Brothers, One Step Closer           WPCR-12357

Played once or twice, as new condition.

Free registered worldwide shipping.


These are official Japanese releases, NOT releases from Eye of the Storm, but I had no other category to show them, so I put them here under : JAPAN Mini LP CD Box Set

The storage box is not made in Japan, but very professionally done. You will be more than happy.



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