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My name is Tom, I am a German collector living in France. Since I was a kid I loved music and comics and started to collect in the 70’s, took a break in the 80’s and got back into this hobby in the 90’s. I bought and sold on fairs and markets, and later on internet platforms, but recently have stopped all commercial activities. Now comes the time to let go, so all these wonderful items find a new home.

On page 1 you will find CDs from the label Eye of the Storm (EOS). Under “J” I added some original Japanese Mini LP Box Sets. Under “Boxes” are listed some empty storage boxes for Mini LP CDs. The EOS editions are NOT silver pressed editions, they are duplicated from a thermal clone and made with lots of love and care for the music and detail. The sound quality is in general excellent, often taken from soundboard. Clearly there is a professional team behind the production. For the time being I offer FREE worldwide shipping. Payment can be made via money/bank transfer or Paypal. 

On page 2 are my graded comics and comic pages, mostly graded by the worlds leading company, CGC. The given prices are what I expect them to be worth at the moment of their listings. If you need more pics or information, please just ask. The prices include FREE worldwide shipping.

On page 3 are listed raw comics, hardcovers, hardbound books, bandes dessineés (French comics) and films/movies. The comics I have graded myself, but as grading is subjective, I ask you have a close look at the pictures and make your own judgement. If you need further pics, just let me know and I will send them to you. The hardbound books were bound by a professional bookbinder using a sewn binding, which is very longlasting and makes them easier to open and read. For most of them I personaly have chosen a special hand-colored paper or linen. The titles are hand stamped. These are unique items and I hope you will treasure them as much as I did. Further I recently added some French comic books (bandes dessinées) and some films on DVDAgain, at the moment I offer FREE worldwide shipping.

Come back and visit my page regularly, as I will gradually update the inventory and continue to liquidate my collection. Please feel free to write to me with any kind of request or search. I might be able to help you.

Thanks a lot, and Happy Collecting, Tom


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