Amazing Spider-Man # 01/Die Spinne # 02, Williams 1974, CGC 8.5, high grade


CGC 8.5 Universal
CGC Certification number :  # 4311464022
page quality : Off White
reprints with a NEW VARIANT cover on 36 pages :
1) Amazing Spider-Man 1, first story (Spidey meets the FF), pages 1-14, Marvel 1963
2) Tales to Astonish 72, Submariner story “A Prince there was”, Marvel 1965
to check the CGC census, please look under “Amazing Spider-Man 38”, then Williams Verlag; the census is wrong here and might be corrected later, as this book does reprint Amazing Spider-Man 1 (and not ASM 38). The mistake’s origin lies probably in the fact that the book reprints large parts of the cover of ASM 38.
Please ask for more pics anytime.
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please note:
reprints 1st story of Amazing Spider-Man for the very first time in German with a NEW VARIANT cover;
complete with Marvel coupon (similar to Marvel Value Stamp);
Hulk not coloured out;
Labyrinth untouched;
Grader Notes:
staple rusted staples
multiple spine stress lines breaks color



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