BETHLEHEM, 49 + 1 JAPAN Mini LP CD collection, all as new / one-of-a kind


official 50x Japanese Mini LP CD Collection, includes :

VICJ 61451  Waldron,Mal(p)/Left Alone
VICJ 61452  Connor,Chris(vo)/Lullaby Of Birdland +2
VICJ 61453  Little,Booker(tp)/And Friends +2
VICJ 61454  Gordon,Dexter(ts)/Daddy Plays The Horn
VICJ 61455  Sims,Zoot(ts)/Down Home +6
VICJ 61456  Coltrane,John(ts)/Winner’s Circle
VICJ 61457  Torme,Mel(vo)/Sings Fred Astair
VICJ 61458  McRae,Cermen(vo)/& Julie London +5
VICJ 61459  Hartman,Johnny(vo)/Songs From The Heart +6
VICJ 61460  Hartman,Johnny(vo)/All Of Me +4
VICJ 61461  Torme,Mel(vo)/At The Crescend
VICJ 61462  Connor,Chris(vo)/This Is Chris jj, winding, mann
VICJ 61463  Connor,Chris(vo)/Chris jj, winding
VICJ 61464  Dorough,Bob(vo)/Devil May Care +1
VICJ 61465  Morel,Terry(vo)/Songs Of A Woman In Love
VICJ 61466  Carr,Helen(vo)/Why Do I Love You
VICJ 61467  Moore,Marilyn(vo)/Moody
VICJ 61468  Morris,Audrey(vo)/Voice Of
VICJ 61469  Roche,Betty(vo)/ Take The A Train +3
VICJ 61470  Moran,Pat(p)/While At Birdland
VICJ 61471  Williamson,Claude(p)/Round Midnight

VICJ 61473  Knepper,Jimmy(tb)/Swinging Introduction
VICJ 61474  Adams,Pepper(bs)/Motor City Scene
VICJ 61475 Winding,Kai(tb) +J.J. Johnson/Kai + J.J. +7
VICJ 61476  Rosolino,Frank(tb)/I Play Trombone
VICJ 61477  McGhee,Howard(tp)/Return Of
VICJ 61478  Ervin,Booker(ts)/Book Cooks
VICJ 61479  Mckusick,Hal(as)/Hal Mckusick Quartet
VICJ 61480  Mann,Herbie(fl)/Herbie Mann With Sam Most Quartet
VICJ 61481  Pettiford,Oscar(b)/Another One
VICJ 61482  Pettiford,Oscar(b) & Vini Burke/Bass By Pettiford / Burke
VICJ 61483  Mingus,Charles(b)/East Coasting +2
VICJ 61484  Mingus,Charles(b)/Jazz And Poetry +3
VICJ 61485  Ellington,Duke(p)/Duke Ellington Presents, Hodges
VICJ 61486  Ellington,Duke(p)/The Duke
VICJ 61487  Blakey,Art(ds)/Big Band coltrane
VICJ 61488  Blakey,Art(ds)/Hard Drive
VICJ 61489  Persip,Charles(ds)/And The Jazz Statesmen

VICJ 61490  Levey,Stan(ds)/This Time The Drums On Me

VICJ 61491  Rouse,Charlie(ts) & Paul Quinichette(ts)/Chase Is On
VICJ 61492  Kirk,Roland(ts)/Third Dimension
VICJ 61493  Mariano,Charlie(as)/Charlie Mariano Quartet
VICJ 61494  Mariano,Charlie(as)/Charlie Mariano Plays
VICJ 61495  Bennett,Max(b)/Max Bennett Plays
VICJ 61496  Bennett,Max(b)/Max Bennett With Charlie Mariano
VICJ 61497  Salvador,Sal(g)/Shades Of Sal Salvador
VICJ 61498  Salvador,Sal(g)/Frivolous Sal
VICJ 61499  Minion,Frank(vo)/Soft Land Of Make Believe
VICJ 61500  Winters,Jeri(vo)/Somebody Loves Me


Herbie Nichols Trio, Love Gloom Cash Love, TOCJ-9624, replacing VICJ 61472

Played once or twice, CDs in as new condition.


These are official Japanese releases, NOT releases from Eye of the Storm, but I had no other category to show them, so I put them here under : JAPAN Mini LP CD Box Set

There is no storage box included.

This is a nearly full run of the BETHLEHEM K2 HD Mastering series from Victor Entertainment Japan 2007/2008, VICJ-61451/61500, missing only VICJ-61472 . This missing CD is Herbie Nichols Trio “Love Gloom Cash Love” and is replaced from another japanese Mini LP series TOCJ-9624, which you receive as a bonus (not shown on the pics).

 So alltogether you receive 50 as new original japanese Mini LP CDs.



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