HENRY COW – Complete BBC Sessions: Live Recordings 1971-1977, double mini LP/CD




1. Hieronymo’s Mad Again
2. Poglith Drives a Vauxhall Viva
May 4, 1971 BBC Top Gear


3. I Came to See You
4. Rapt in a Blanket
5. Teenbeat
Feb. 28, 1972 BBC Studios Top Gear


6. With the Yellow Half Moon & Blue Star
Oct. 17, 1972 BBC Studios John Peel Show


7. Guider Tells of Silent Airborne Machine
8. Nine Funerals of the Citizen King
9. Nirvana for Mice
Apr. 24, 1973 BBC Langham Studios John Peel Show



1. Pidgeons:
a) Ruins
b) Half Awake, Half Asleep
c) Bitter Storm Over Ulm
April 25, 1974 BBC John Peel Show
(1st broadcast: May 9, 1974)
Tim Hodgkinson: reeds keyboards
Lindsay Cooper: bassoon
Fred Frith: guitar, vocals
John Greaves: bass
Chris Cutler: drums

2. Europa
3. Me & Parvati
4. A Little Something
5. War Is Energy Enslaved
(Slap Happy and Friends)
June 25, 1974 BBC Top Gear
(1st broadcast: July 16, 1974)
Anthony Moore: harpsichord
Peter Blegvad: guitar
Dagmar Krause: vocals
Fred Frith: guitar
Chris Cutler: drums
Lindsay Cooper: bassoon
Geoff Leigh: soprano sax
Jeff Clyne: double bass
Robert Wyatt: percussion

6. Please Give It Back
7. My Need Is Greater Than Yours
8. Noise Carruthers Pure Bloody Noise
9. In Which Case The Anxiety
10. Narrow Road
(Fred Frith)
December 2, 1974 BBC Top Gear
Dagmar Krause: vocals
Fred Frith: guitar

11. Mostly Twins And Trios
12. From The Trees To The Wheel
13. Actual Frenzy
(John Greaves & Peter Blegvad)
December 3, 1977 BBC Top Gear
John Greaves: bass
Peter Blegvad: guitar, piano, vocals


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