JIMI HENDRIX – Blues Session 2: Demos & outtakes 1968-1970, single mini LP/CD


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01. Little Dog O’ Mine 0:28
Record Plant, NY, May 1969
Billy Cox (bs), unknown (prc)

02. The Things That I Used To Do 6:55
Record Plant, NY, May 7, 1969
Johnny Winter (gt), Steve Stills (gt)
Billy Cox (bs), Buddy Miles (dr)

03. It’s My Own Fault 8:36
Generation Club, NY, April 15, 1968
B.B. King (vc)(gt), Elvin Bishop (gt), Paul Butterfield (hr)
Al Kooper (kb), Buzzy Feiten (bs), Phillip Wilson (dr)

04. My Brother’s Dead 10:20
Record Plant, NY, April 14, 1969
Larry Young (kb), Billy Cox (bs), Mitch Mitchell (dr)

05. Blues Jam 2:22
Unknown location, 1968 [probably Paul Caruso (hr)]

06. Manish Boy 5:51
Composite of two takes:
Record Plant, NY, April 22, 1969
Billy Cox (bs), Buddy Miles (dr)

07. Country Blues 6:33
08. Freedom (blues jam) 8:23
Record Plant, NY, November 21, 1969
Billy Cox (bs), Buddy Miles (dr)

09. Further Up On The Road 8:23
Electric Lady Studios, NY, June 24, 1970
Billy Cox (bs), Mitch Mitchell (dr)

10. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 11:01
Record Plant, NY, March 25, 1969
John McLaughlin (gt), Dave Holland (bs)
Buddy Miles (dr), Mitch Mitchell (dr)

11. Monday Morning Blues 2:45
Travor Hollow Road, NY, September 19, 1969
Mike Ephron (kb), Jerry Velez (pc), Juma Sultan (pc)

12. Electric Church Red House 7:19
Composite of two takes:
TTG Studios, LA, October 21 & 29, 1969
Noel Redding (bs), Buddy Miles (dr)
Mitch Mitchell (dr), Lee Michaels (kb)


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