NEKTAR, Live at Doppelaula Minden, Germany 1974, double mini LP/CD


Recorded live at Doppelaula,
Minden, Germany, May 30th, 1974

Roye Albrighton: guitar, lead Vocals
Allan “Taff” Freeman: keyboards, backing vocals
Derek “Mo” Moore: bass, backing vocals
Ron Howden: drums, percussion
Mick Brockett: liquid lights


1. Astral Man    3.55
2. Desolation Valley    9.30
3. Fidgety Queen   6.22
4. Little Boy   4.03
5. A Day In The Life Of A Preacher, featuring The Birth Of Oh Willy   15.51
6. The Devil’s Door   10.39
7. Crying In The Dark   7.16
8. King Of Twilight    4.18

1. Remember The Future I:    17.22
a) Images Of The Past
b) Wheel Of Time
c) Remember The Future
d) Confusion
2. Good Day           7.11
3-4. Remember The Future II:    9.30 + 7.53
a) Tomorrow Never Comes
b) Recognition
c) Let It Grow
5. What Ya Gonna Do?    6.24



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