RICK WAKEMAN – Full 1976 Hammersmith: London, UK, double mini LP/CD


Recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon,
London, UK on June 15, 1976

NOTE: Full 1976’s concert tracklist and diferent date from the “Live on the Test” and “Live at BBC” releases.


01. The Journey
02. The Spaceman
03. Catherine Howard
04. Sir Lancelot And The Black Knight
05. Anne Boleyn
06. The Realization


01. King Arthur
02. The Forest
03. Catherine Parr
04. The Prisoner
05. Merlin The Magician
06. Lisztomania’s Free Song
07. The Warning (No Earthly Connection)
08. The Battle

Rick Wakeman keyboards

The English Rock Ensemble:
Ashley Holt vocals
John Dunsterville guitar
Roger Newell bass
Tony Fernandez drums
Martin Shields trumpet
Reg Brooks trombone


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