SPECTRE collection, 2 books, series DC 1987-1989, # 1-31, unique


This Spectre collection contains in 2 books:

book   I  :   ## 1 – 15 (1987 – 1988)

book  II  :    ## 16 – 31 (1988 – 1989)

All bound comics are complete in as new condition.

Free worldwide shipping.


professionaly bound volumes of US original comic books

complete with covers, back covers and letter pages

sewed long lasting binding (not glued), easy to open and read

book covers in handcoloured paper, titles on spines in handstamped golden letters

unique editions, one-of-a-kind

The cost for material and binding these books were approx. 95 €/each ; then you have to add the value of the books themselves


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