THE BEATLES – The Road To Abbey Road: Studio Rehearsals & Outtakes 1969, triple mini LP/CD


Disc One
01. Watching Rainbows (rehearsal)
02. Interview
03. Come Together (take 4, partial)
04. Come Together (take 8, basic track)
05. Come Together (take 9, vocal overdub)
06. Something (rehearsal)
07. Something (demo, unedited)
08. Something (unknown take)
09. Something (take 37, extended jam)
10. Something (take 39, orchestra overdub)
11. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (demo)
12. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (rehearsal, rhythm)
13. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (rehearsal, whistling)
14. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (rehearsal, vocals)
15. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (rehearsal, composite)
16. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (take 21, basic track)
17. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (take 21, Moog overdub)
18. Oh! Darling (rehearsal, vocal delay)
19. Oh! Darling (rehearsal)
20. Oh! Darling (rehearsal)
21. Oh! Darling (rehearsal)
22. Oh! Darling (take 26, early mono mix)
23. Oh! Darling (take 26, vocal overdub session)
24. Octopus Garden (demo)
25. Octopus Garden (rehearsal)
26. Octopus Garden (rehearsal, guitar)
27. Octopus Garden (take 32, basic track)

Disc Two
01. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (rehearsal)
02. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (rehearsal, jam)
03. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (early take, Paul vocal)
04. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (take 36, overdub sesion)
05. Here Comes The Sun (take 1, partial)
06. Here Comes The Sun  (take 15, vocal-guitar overdub)
07. Here Comes The Sun (take 15, unused guitar solo)
08. Because (take 16, instrumental)
09. You Never Give Me Your Money (take 30)
10. Sun King (rehearsal)
11. Sun King / Don’t Let Me Down (rehearsal)
12. Sun King (take 35, overdub session)
13. Mean Mr. Mustard (rehearsal, acoustic)
14. Mean Mr. Mustard / Madman (rehearsal)
15. Mean Mr. Mustard (take 35, basic track)
16. Her Majesty (demo)
17. Her Majesty (rehearsal, guitar duo)
18. Polythene Pam (rehearsal)
19. Polythene Pam (take 39, basic track)
20. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (rehearsal, joking)
21. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (rehearsal, slow)
22. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (rehearsal, speeding up)
23. Carry That Weight (rehearsal)
24. Golden Slumbers (rehearsal)
25. Carry That Weight (rehearsal)
26. Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (rehearsal)
27. The End (take 7, early mono mix)

Disc Three
01. The Long One (Medley) (early mono mix)
02. The Long One (Medley) (RS’96)
03. The Ballad Of John And Yoko (take 10, partial)
04. Old Brown Shoe (demo)
05. Old Brown Shoe (rehearsal, electric piano)
06. Old Brown Shoe (rehearsal, jam)
07. Old Brown Shoe (rehearsal, organ improvisation)
08. All Things Must Pass (demo)
09. All Things Must Pass (rehearsal, acoustic guitar)
10. All Things Must Pass (rehearsal, bass)
11. All Things Must Pass (rehearsal, Paul harmonies)
12. All Things Must Pass (rehearsal, group)
13. Junk (demo, incomplete lyrics)
14. Junk (rehearsal, mock French)
15. Child Of Nature (rehearsal, guitar)
16. Child Of Nature (rehearsal, group)
17. Child Of Nature (demo, piano)

THE BEATLES - The Road To Abbey Road: Studio Rehearsals & Outtakes 1969 (mini LP / 3x CD)


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