RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN ”Rufusized” 8x Japan Mini LP CD BOX Set, with box


official Japan Mini LP CDs in storage drawer box, includes :

01)  UICY-9403  Rufus  (1973)

02)  UICY-9404  Rags to Rufus  (1974)

03)  UICY-9405   Rufusized  (1974)

04)  UICY-9406  Featuring Chaka Khan  (1975)

05)  UICY-9407  Ask Rufus  (1977)

06)  UICY-9408  Street Player  (1978)

07)  UICY-9409  Masterjam  (1979)

08)  UICY-9410  Camouflage  (1981)

all 8 Mini LPs fit nicely in the official Disk Union drawer box

Played once or twice, really nice condition. The res stickers with numbers “1” – “8” are on the outside of the plastic sleeves and can be removed easily, see pics.

Free registered worldwide shipping.


These are official Japan releases, NOT releases from Eye of the Storm, but I had no other category to show them, so I put them here under : JAPAN Mini LP CD Box Set




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